Pega PRPC topic to learn

Introduction to PRPC                                                                        
Ø  Using Process Commander and PRPC Developer Portal Basics
Ø  Architecture
Ø  Common Rule Types
Ø  Examining Rules Using PRPC (Class, Class Group, Rule Sets etc)
Ø  Understanding work and data class structures
Ø  Understanding Properties
Ø  Process Flows (Flow types, Shapes )
Ø  User Interface overview (Harness, Section etc )
Ø  Rule Set and Security Overview
Ø  Using the Clipboard and tracer
Ø  Implementing PRPC
Ø  Building Class Structure
Ø  Creating Property and Model Rules
Ø  Creating Flow Rules
Ø  Building the User Interface
Ø  Enhancing the User Interface
Ø  An overview of Declarative rules
Ø  Validation
Ø  Using decision rules
Ø  Using Activities
Ø  Assigning work
Ø  Integrating PRPC Applications
Ø  Connecting to an External Relational Database
Ø  Documenting and Saving your Work
 PEGA Hands On
Ø  Class Structure And Rule set Design
Ø  Environmental Setup
Ø  Application Profile, Application Accelerators
Ø  Building Primary Business Flows
Ø  Designing the Data Classes and Data Class Models
Ø  Building Secondary Business Flows and Exception Flows
Ø  Implementing Decisions, Validations etc…
Ø  Execution of flows and Unit testing and PAL Reports
Ø  Documenting and Packaging the rules.

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