Example of using Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX)

One use of BIX is that it can be implemented Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX) as a solution to extract data to the data marts

Situation: Transformation program to improve and automate the recovery management process for a large global insurer with complex reporting requirements.


Using BIX, Extraction rule can be configured to extract the instances of any work or data or assign class. Using the extraction rule, we can extract Single Value Properties, properties in a page, page list, page group, value list, Value group, embedded pages (all levels), embedded page group (all levels). Extraction rule provides the option to select the list of properties for extraction based on the applied to class of the rule. Direct properties and inherited properties of class will be available in extraction. Data can be extracted to xml format or csv format or Database table.

BIX extraction process can be scheduled by calling Process Commander Application libraries from the Ant script. We specify the data to be extracted and the output format by providing an Extract rule definition defined in Process Commander.

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