PRPC Detailed installation procedure

1) create tablespace
create tablespace pegatablespace
datafile ‘C:oracleproduct10.2.0oradataorclpegadatafile.dbf’
size 100m
autoextend on
next 100m maxsize 3096m
extent management local;

2)create user
create user pegauser
identified by pegauser
default tablespace pegatablespace
temporary tablespace temp;

3) grant access
grant resource,connect,dba to pegauser;

4) logon

5)go to Administration and click users and select pegauser and click on edit
and goto Roles and checl all AdminOptions and click on apply
then click on System Privileges then editlist
then select some privileges and click on apply then select Admin option for all and click Apply

6) Login as pegauser in sql+

7) copy oracledate_install0503.sql to C direcory and run sql> @C:oracledate_install0503.sql;

8) set the classpath with java/lib, tomcat/lib under system variables

9) set the poolsize for tomcat/java

10) copy prdbutil.war from Training to tomcat/webapps
start tomcat then stop tomcat and delete prdb.util.war

11) create new folder with name pegatemp in C drive

12) open prconfig.xml in tomcat/webapps/prdbutil/web-inf/classes

13) change the value of explicittempdir to C:/pegatemp

14) add the env for oracle in prconfig to

15) copy classes12.jar from oracle/lib to tomcat/common/lib

16) http:\localhost:8080prdbutil
upload TrainingpegaPRPCv5_v53_relcand_0049.jar
next, skip
enter ip and port
next, verify
next, exit
stop tomcat

17) copy prweb.war to tomcat/webapps

start tomcat and stop tomcat and delete prweb.war

18) copy prconfig.xml from tomcat/webapps/prdbutil/web-inf/classes and paste in tomcat/webapps/prweb/web-inf/classes

19) start tomcat
[email protected] pwd: xxxx
click on process

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