What is Application Profile?

Application Profile is one of the DCO (Direct Capture of Objective) tool in PEGA. The other two are Application Accelerator and Application Documentation.

Application Profile is used by the Business Analyst or System Analyst when a project starts. The main purpose of using Application Profile in the beginning of project is that it is mainly use to capture client requirement and business objective of the customer.

Collecting requirement of a project is a big task and especially when it is a large project and involves dozens of stakeholder. Creating requirement document and maintaining version of each of the requirement document is difficult job.

What PEGA has provided is Application Profile in which a project manager or business analyst can capture the business requirement, business use cases, and project objectives all inside the PEGA environment. Project manager or BA does not have to create a word, excel or use any specific template to capture the requirements.

With Application Profile following requirements can be captured.
1. Business objective of the project
2. Business processes and specifications
3. Project end users; their roles and responsibilities
4. Any assumptions captured during the project initiating phase.
5. Kind of correspondence (email, letters, fax etc) which application need to generate.
6. Estimated Scope of work in the project.

Once the Application Profile is ready it can be shared with the project stakeholders and their approval can be taken before the development can begin. Once the stakeholder approved the application profile the System architect of the team can use the information collected as an input toApplication accelerator which in turns create the complete applicationskelton of the project. It creates the Stub Rules which project teams can work upon.

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