Sample flow rule diagram

By selecting a BPMN Visio stencil, you can create flow diagrams that closely match the appearance and notation used in Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) diagrams. So, they would be similar and follow best practices of Pega BPMN.

Pega BPMN flow diagram
Pega BPMN flow diagram
The standard Work-New harness includes the standard CoreParty and PartyDisplay sections that your operators can use to add work parties on the New form of a work object. For the Pega sample flow rule diagram, follow these steps:
1) create operators who uses workflow

2)create properties which are used in work flow

3)create activities used in workflow

4) Draw flow rule diagram using the stencils provided by pega business model

5) Go to Process Commander XML to see representation of the flow in XML.

6) You can also edit the XML to change flow or covert into BPEL or XPDL both are supported wfc standards.

7) Write supporting java classes for customized tasks and inherit them

8) You can configure email adapters, outlook connectors by using wizards or connectors of Pega.We can also use integration capabilities like JMS, MQ, CORBA etc..if needed with legacy system communication in message routing.Also can generate services.

9) save your work flow and publish.

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