Wishing to learn Pega/PRPC?

There is no easy way to say this, but there is no easy way to learn Pega PRPC 🙂

Although the PRPC software provided by Pegasystems does not really have “pre-requisites” required of those who plan to learn it, I have found it is very helpful for developers to have some experience in an Object Oriented programming language such as Java or C++, due to the importance the class structure and inheritance used within the product.

Many companies also provide training internally to their employees, or have the ability to train promising job applicants.

Unfortunately there are no known books available for purchase to perform self-study on PRPC. Pegasystems, the software vendor, does offer training classes, and information about those can be found here:

While the product is very powerful in the tools it provides OOB to use, and thus, enables a developer to build an entire system with little to no “hard coding”, it does benefit the developer to have a good solid technical background.

It is also helpful for new developers to PRPC to have a good understanding of various types of integrations
including, but not limited to, SOAP, SQL/RDBMS, EJBs, and various queuing technologies like JMS, MQ, and MSMQ. An understanding of XML, HTML, and javascript is a plus.

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